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Mark Kane serves various organisations as their complaint’s officer. He also accepts ad hoc references to resolve complaints in a fair, confidential and expedited fashion.

Complaints Officer

Mark Kane is available to act as Adjudicator in the fast-track resolution of disputes occurring under construction contracts subject to the UK's HGCRA 1996 as substantially amended by the LDEDC 2009. Building on the above experience Mark Kane is uniquely positioned to offer the services of Adjudicator of Irish payment disputes under construction contracts subject to the Construction Contracts Act 2013In addition to this he acts as adjudication consultant to parties and dispute resolvers.

Mark Kane acts as Advocate in ADR including as CA OSAAC when required. He is also available to act as Expert in particular areas where he has completed advanced study and has experience that allows instruction.

ADR Expert & Advocate

Mark Kane acts as Arbitrator under the Irish Arbitration Act 2010, Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010, UK Arbitration Act 1996, New York Code CPLR§75 and United States Code Title 9 (FAA). In addition to this he acts as arbitration consultant to parties and dispute resolvers. 

Mark Kane acts as Mediator, including under the Mediation Act 2017, with industry based knowledge delivering an issue focused ADR procedure. Likewise, where an evaluative mediation procedure is called for he is available to act as Conciliator of construction contract disputes or differences. In addition to this he acts as mediation consultant to parties and dispute resolvers. For more information on mediation click HERE.

Independent, Impartial, Expert and Fair Dispute Resolution

Mark Kane, LL.M., FCIArb, Approved Mediator & Arbitration Fellow has served as sole-dispute resolver in well over 1,500 disputes, including referrals to arbitration, adjudication and mediation; when he acts as dispute resolver he does so in a fair and neutral manner, ensuring all parties have a fair opportunity to make their case. Mark Kane is particularly interested in fast-track low-cost dispute resolution of disputes and differences involving construction sub-contractors in Ireland and the United Kingdom given his experience, expertise and unprecedented research in this area.

Adjudication Consultant & Adjudicator

Arbitration Consultant & Arbitrator

Mediation Consultant & Mediator

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services

Mark Kane KHS FCIOB FCIArb C.BuildE FCABE is an international construction and legal professional operating from Galway in the West of Ireland and Dublin City Centre who provides advice and guidance on arbitration, adjudication, conciliation and mediation.