Example Email to the Office of Mark Kane regarding €999.99 Fixed Fee Mediation:

From: A Builder ABuilder@ABuilder.ie
Subject: €999.99 Fixed Fee Mediation
To: Office of Mark Kane office@constructionandlegal.com
Time: 24 October 2015 at 11:17

Dear Office of Mark Kane,

RE: Mediator for a Construction Dispute over variations and an extension of time

We are involved in a dispute with our client over money due to us and we would like to use you as mediator in order to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible. We want to use the fixed fee service and have provided the form details you requested on your website ConstructionAndLegal.com.

Claimant's Details
Claimant's legal name: A Builder Limited
Claimant's postal address: 123 Industrial Park, West Side, Co. Kildare
Claimant's email address: Office@ABuilder.ie
Claimant's Representative's name (if any): None
Claimant's Representative's postal address (if any): None
Claimant's Representative's email address (if any): None

Respondent's Details
Respondent's legal name: Mr. Jim Jones and Mrs. Mary Jones
Respondent's postal address: 23 Residential Drive, East Side, Co. Kildare
Respondent's email address: JnMJones@gmail.com
Respondent's Representative's name (if any): don’t know
Respondent's Representative's postal address (if any): don’t know
Respondent's Representative's email address (if any): don’t know

Construction Contract Details
Construction contract type: design and build of a house extension
Construction contract form: CIOB Small Works Contract (modified)
Construction contract date: signed 1st February 2015

Dispute Details
Description of dispute: Client does not agree to pay for several variations and the costs associated with us being on site for longer than planned due to the variations.
Dispute sum (€): €31,437.67
Dispute arose on (date): 14th September 2015, Mr. Jones sent email saying we were not entitled to any of the money we claimed.

Irish Construction Contract Dispute Mediation: €999.99 fixed fee for mediation of construction disputes

Mediation is increasingly used by parties to construction contracts for the swift and inexpensive resolution of disputes and differences thus avoiding the time and cost of arbitration or court litigation, this is now supported by the Mediation Act 2017.

In order to provide the intended cost benefits of mediation to the Irish construction industry and its users it is fundamental that mediators with construction and legal qualifications act responsibly and reasonably with respect to their fees; we have seen mediators charge parties in excess of €500.00 per hour. In offering the services of a construction dispute mediator Mark Kane promises to be reasonable and is offering a €999.99(1) fixed fee as a gesture of goodwill to the industry and its users. This fixed fee is particularly useful for parties who wish to resolve their disputes and differences quickly in a convenient party focused process where the dispute relates to sums less than €50,000.00.

To move the process forward toward resolution of your dispute email office@constructionandlegal.com with subject “€999.99 Fixed Fee Mediation”. Such an email will be deemed a request from the sender for Mark Kane to serve as Mediator of a construction dispute for a fixed fee of €999.99(1). Upon receipt of the email the Office of Mark Kane will review the information submitted and contact the parties to ascertain their agreement to Mark Kane's appointment as Mediator. ​To learn more about the Construction Dispute "Approved Mediator", Mark Kane, click HERE.

Notes and explanations: 
(1) = €999.99 fixed fee is exclusive of VAT, costs and expenses.

Fixed Fee Irish Construction Contract Dispute MEDIATION

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