In order to provide the intended cost benefits of adjudication to the Irish construction industry and its users it is fundamental that adjudicators with construction and legal qualifications act responsibly and reasonably with respect to their fees; we have seen adjudicators charge parties in excess of €500.00 per hour. In offering the services of a construction contract payment dispute adjudicator Mark Kane promises to be reasonable and is offering a €999.99(1) fixed fee as a gesture of goodwill to the industry and its users. This fixed fee is particularly useful for parties who do not want to go to the cost of hiring solicitors and barristers and instead intend representing themselves in disputes relating to sums less than €50,000.00 where the parties want a reasoned decision on their payment dispute as provided for by the Construction Contracts Act 2013.

To move the process forward toward resolution of your payment dispute email with subject “€999.99 Fixed Fee Adjudication”. Such an email will be deemed a request from the sender for Mark Kane to serve as Adjudicator of a payment dispute arising under an Irish construction contract referable to adjudication under the Construction Contracts Act 2013 for a fixed fee of €999.99(1). Upon receipt of the email the Office of Mark Kane will review the information submitted and contact the parties to ascertain their agreement to Mark Kane's appointment as Adjudicator. ​To learn more about the Construction Contract Payment Dispute Adjudicator, Mark Kane, click HERE.

Notes and explanations: 
(1) = €999.99 fixed fee is exclusive of VAT, costs and expenses.

Irish Construction Contract Payment Dispute Adjudication: €999.99 fixed fee for adjudication of a payment dispute arising under construction contracts referable under the Construction Contracts Act 2013

Irish statutory adjudication is a new option for parties to construction contracts for the resolution of payment disputes and can be advantageous as it can be much faster than going to court or arbitration as the parties and adjudicator must work together in order to allow the adjudicator reach a decision within a short timeframe; equally parties are entitled to represent themselves and use a construction industry expert as their adjudicator instead of being represented by legal professionals in court before a judge.

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Fixed Fee Irish Construction Contract Payment Dispute adjudication

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